About Us

Fibonacci is a small company devoted to creating board and mobile games, gamifications and business simulations, and organizing gaming events.


Founded in 2016 in Baku, Azerbaijan by Sanan Mahmudov the company published its first game Grand Bazaar. Grand Bazaar is the first original and Euro-style board game published in Azerbaijan and even in whole Caucasus region and it was presented at Essen Spiel 2016 to all game lovers from all over the world. For today we have ongoing projects to be implemented soon such as new board games (5 Cities, Hazaria, Beectionary) and mobile games (Grand Bazaar, Beectionary) as well. Besides the products we also have our services such as production of customized games for corporations, implementation of various business-simulation games, gamification of processes, organization of gaming events, championships and tournaments.  We are also connecting gamers through the board game lovers community Board Gamers Baku and supporting all time-cafes and persons involved in this process.



Founder, CEO, Game Designer

Sanan Mahmudov


Sanan founded Fibonacci in 2016 after his successful launch of his first published game Grand Bazaar. Sanan is responsible for business development, sales, production and new game ideas. Feel free to contact writing to sanan [at] fibonaccigames.com


Graphic designer, Game designer


Elman is a graphic designer and game designer with already published games portfolio (Brotherhood of Nine: The Hex Strategy Game  (2011), Flag Bearer (2012)). Elman is responsible for new game ideas, testing them and graphic design of games.